by: isaiah babatunde
cloud1 cloud1 cloud1 “Gary” (2022) Is a project I did in december of 2022 in which I spent a week as the titular Gary, A 39 year old man from Seattle. Gary recently came into town from his current residence in Seattle to both visit his immediate family and distance himself from the messy divorce that has all but consumed his life. having been a 14 year relationship, Gary is no longer the spry confident young man he once was, and he now struggles with his appearance and lacks confidence as he re adjusts to single life. In mmy ttime as gary I was able to eventually accept mmy new identity, and I think in turn Gary began to accept himself. going out in public It ocurred to me that my disguise was so good that I could easily pass as being authentic, and that walking in public people were none the wiser. One thing I was not expecting was to actually feel as if I were sommeone else in public. No longer did I look as if I were 24 and as such I began to r initially grieved the loss of my hair but that was an essential part of relating to Gary, the helplesness of realizing my hair was gone and I was Gary, being an elder millennial, was very much into 90s alternative rock and as such has a great appreciation for flannel, which had become a bit of a trademark to those who know him